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The Petite Riviere Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1957 and has serviced the communities of Petite Riviere, Crousetown, and Green Bay Nova Scotia for over fifty years. There are approximately 35 volunteer members of Fire Department.  

The Fire Department will respond to combat all fires within the area and work with other Fire Departments within the region as part of a mutual aid agreement. The Fire Department will also respond to First Response Medical calls. During the winter months, the Fire Department will also respond to ice rescues.

Practice training occurs on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Fire fighters will simulate mock fire situations and drills. This is to ensure that when a real fire situation occurs, that all members of the Fire Department are ready, equipment trained and prepared to make every effort to save lives and extinguish the fire in a safe and effective manner.

18 Petite Riviere Road, Petite Riviere, N.S. B4V 5X6
Phone: 688-2741 Fax: 688-1132