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The men and women of Petite Riviere Volunteer Fire Department are local residents, who are trained and committed to the safety of our community. Our members are on call and ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our Firefighting team is a vital service for our community and mutual aid to other communities. Our members are also trained in Medical First Response and Ice and Water Rescue. Other duties may require our members to be called, when the Fire Hall is required as an EMO Comfort Station during environmental disasters or to support the safety of our Elementary School.  The Fire Hall is also used as a community center where our members serve the public at Fireman's Breakfasts, Canada Day Celebrations, Suppers and Dances 
To maintain our current status as a Fire Department, the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada requires primary fire service vehicles to be less than 20 years old to meet liability standards. There is also a need within our Fire Department to consolidate our older vehicles; to improve our efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and ensure the safety of our membership. 
To meet these requirements, it was agreed to retire two of our vehicles (Unit 4 1994 Utility Support Vehicle and Unit 5 1987 Pumper/Tanker) and fund raise to buy a new Pumper/Tanker.
The estimated cost for the new fire truck was $335,000. The new Pumper/Tanker will actively serve our community.  As one of the primary firefighting vehicles in the department, its role will be to pump water to the attack vehicle at the fire scene or as a water shuttle tanker. It will have a 60 percent larger water capacity (2000 gallons), a larger electronic water pump, powered portable tank and ladder racks and more storage for support equipment, including spare air bottles and breathing apparatus.  
UPDATE January 2019:  The Petite Riviere Fire Department is thrilled to share the news that the final payment for this new pumper/tanker was made December 2018.    THANK YOU to the community for the support that was necessary to achieve this goal.
You are always welcome to continue to donate to the fire department's ongoing operations.   All donations will receive a receipt.             

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                 New Pumper/Tanker


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